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1962 Mercedes for sale 3500 OBO [23 Sep 2008|10:31pm]

Craigslist posting with picture here:


Drum set [26 Jun 2008|10:17pm]
does everybody knows wht's her drum set with the cymbals and all of that ?

[12 Mar 2008|10:44am]

Canadian metal band KITTIE has announced the departure of bassist Trish Doan.

Doan has been diagnosed with the eating disorder anorexia-athletica-nervosa, which she developed during the recording of KITTIE's "Funeral For Yesterday", Doan's first release with the group.

"It breaks my heart to say goodbye to this family that has given me the best two years of my life," Doan said. "I wish my time with KITTIE did not have to end, but this decision was made based on doctors' orders. Unfortunately, this is the only option that will allow for my full recovery."

Doan has been battling the disease for nearly two years.

"Trish is a part of our family and her talents and friendship will be missed by all of us," said Tara McLeod and sisters Mercedes and Morgan Lander. "We are continuing to be respectful and supportive of Trish's needs during her period of healing. We wish her the best on her road to recovery and will remain close to her throughout this difficult time."

1962 Mercedes Benz for sale [15 Feb 2008|10:37pm]

Car scheduled for auction starting February 19th.  1962 Mercedes Benz 220S.  Serious Inquiries only.

Moving and cannot take car with me. :(

listing here

Morgan Lander & Tara McLeod [20 Nov 2007|10:38pm]

Besides coping with the usual female rocker stereotypes, the ladies in Kittie have had more than a few obstacles in the past year. The Ontario natives were all set to launch a new label called “Kiss Of Infamy,” but according to vocalist Morgan Lander a certain fire-breathing musician apparently thought that the name hit a little too close to home. Kittie had little choice but to shake it off. The ladies selected the new moniker “X Of Infamy” and soon after released its 4th album Funeral For Yesterday, a release that accentuates the more melodic side of Kittie.Read more...Collapse )

not new news but some news [20 Nov 2007|10:37pm]

Sweet Revenge.

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So as it says on the front page for those who didn't notice..

"We would like to thank Jeff Phillips Of Thine Eyes Bleed for filling in on bass this summer. We wish hm and the boys of TEB the best of luck on their tour this fall!

IVY VUJIC of Toronto Based band "In The Wake" will be playing bass for Kittie while Trish Doan recovers."

I am glad morgan is ok [04 Sep 2007|01:04am]


August 19, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland


The thing that I’ve always loved & hated about going to rock concerts is that you never know what you’re gonna see...some nights you see a standard show that’s very similiar to ever other performance & some nights there are technical difficulties like a guitar string breaking or gear breaking down, which is also kinda standard when a band is playing on a tour, but then there’s the “other” things that you see that make a rock concert really bad...I’ve seen alot of things happen at shows & tonight I saw a first & it’s a really thing I have to report as well.
Read more...Collapse )

this has not had a post in a good while [26 Jul 2007|10:36pm]

Kittie has put out another album and have been on tour alot as of late. This is the rest of the tour for the summer...............


[31 Dec 2006|05:56am]

Canadian metal band KITTIE will team up with WALLS OF JERICHO, DEAD TO FALL, 36 CRAZYFISTS and IN THIS MOMENT for "The Funeral for Yesterday Tour" beginning in early February. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:
Read more...Collapse )

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Kittie icons! [27 Jul 2006|03:20am]



There are 18 icons in this batch, including the 3 teasers. If you want to check out the rest, join my graphics community! leoparddigii - I make a lot of Kittie graphics, reason being I am completely obsessed. :) You may know me as the webmistress of and Mercedes official site

Join here.


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Night of the Demons [20 Feb 2006|03:53pm]

As some of you might know, Mercedes has a new band(she IS still in Kittie, so don't worry about that). The band is called Night of the Demons. They played their first show on saturday night(2/18) in London,ON..I was there, it was pretty sweet. Mercedes is the singer, it's something totally different to see her as the singer, but she pulls it off well. is their myspace, they have a few pictures up from the show..go check them out and add 'em.

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tour dates [11 Jan 2006|07:13pm]

Kittie Announces Spring Tour Dates! 01/12/06 04:00 pm CST

Kittie has announced their first full length US tour in over a year! Starting April 2nd, Kittie will be making their rounds across America with Evergreen Terrace and Calico System, among others.

More dates will be announced shortly, as the tour is expected to run until the end of May...

-Feb 4 2006 TNT's Clinton Township (Detroit), MI WRIF Pre-Superbowl Bash


Read more...Collapse )

I am the new maintainter of the community [10 Jan 2006|02:26pm]

I will update stuff as much as I possibly can. I also changed some of the into on the community info page. I appreciate the one that gave me this opportunity.

[10 Jan 2006|02:09pm]


wallpaper I made wallpaper I made

wallpaper I made


[10 Jan 2006|02:00pm]

Kittie to play TNT's for WRIF Pre-Superbowl Bash! 01/08/06 06:19 pm CST

Kittie will be playing WRIF's Pre-Superbowl bash at TNT's in Detroit Michigan on February 4th, 2006. This is gonna be one hell of a party! So come on out for some drinks and heavy metal!

Sponsored by Jagermeister, Coor's Light and WRIF! Tickets are $12 advance and $15 at the door!

TNT's is located at 35101 Harper Ave., Clinton Township (Detroit), MI!

And don't forget that Kittie's "Never Again" EP, a digital, dowloadable EP, will be available online February 7, 2006! You can check out a clip of the first track at The Official Kittie Myspace

Passing it off [08 Jan 2006|08:00pm]

Okay, I haven't had a whole lot of time on my hands, so who wants to take over this bad boy?

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a kittie color bar I made [31 Dec 2005|12:44pm]

Kittie Colorbar!

Kittie is love
colorbar by: </a></b></a>machizmo

The old one quit working.

Upcoming shows! [21 Sep 2005|12:35pm]


Windy City Invitational - OCT 1ST 2005 The Metro, Chicago IL

"Kittie have announced a show at Harpos on October 15th in Detroit, Michigan as a part of their handfull of comeback shows after a 10 month hiatus." Find tickets HERE.

[08 Jun 2005|09:32am]

Not much going on at the Mercedes Lander camp nowadays. Be sure to keep up to date with Baptized In Blood to see what Mercedes is doing when she's not busy with Kittie.

[04 Jun 2005|12:35pm]

Check out the merch section at

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